Shalom and Welcome

The disciples said to Yeshua, “We know that you will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?”
Yeshua said to them, “Wherever you are, you are to go to Ya’aqub ha’Tzaddik (James, the Teacher of Righteousness), for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.” –Gospel of Thomas

This is the official website for the Assembly of the Mshikhanim: A Religious community of the Religion of Light.

The purpose of  the Assembly of  Mshikhanim is to shepherd all gentile souls who seek to take refuge with Yeshua Mashikha by embracing the Limudah Covenant, by following the Three Pillars of the Religion of Light into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In this Assembly we worship God, Yahuah also called Alhym (or Alaha),

By being obedient to the Spirit of Holiness and the Miltha, or Word of God.

We look to Maran Yeshua as our Savior and Great Shepherd.

The Divine Revelation of Melkhizedek and the restoration of the Gentile Assembly of Talmidim of Yeshua Mashikha

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017,  our religious elders received this Divine Revelation:

“The Father is demonstrating compassion on the world and upon some of those who have faltered in their walk in their original covenants.

He is opening the doors of mercy and offering renewal for their souls to walk faithfully in this covenant.

This is not a new covenant, but a new call from the Spirit of holiness to come unto the Great Shepherd and be guided by Melekh ha’Tzaddik Mar Melkhizedek, Yeshua Mshikha, the Teacher of Righteousness Chayim bar Ya’aqub ha’Tzadik, their Bishop Mar Andreos and others appointed by guidance, of the Spirit of holiness.

Children, raise up your heads and renew your faith so that you be guided in the truth you are being taught.

The Father will instruct you in the Limudah and the gradual observance of His Torah, and He shall teach you through the Spirit of holiness and those that have been appointed in the synod of the Mshikhanim and the Religion of Light.

Walk in faith, unity and brotherly love. Have compassion for all souls.”

The revelation came from the Melekh ha’Tzaddik, Himself.

The Mshikhanim are not Yehudim.

While being in harmony with the Jewish followers of Messiah, we are not expected to live the tenets of the Mosaic Covenant or the Brith Chadashah (which was non-selective Torah Observance sealed in the blood of the lamb and open to the early Jewish followers of Yeshua). They are only called to observe the commandments of the Limudah (also called the Didache) as given by Mar Yaaqub ha’Tzaddik to the Gentiles.

As gentiles, the Mshikhanim share the beliefs of their Jewish brothers and sisters and live in harmony with them, but they know what is expected of them and live in accordance with what they have received in humility.

The Mshikhanim are not Christians

The Mshikhanim, are not Christians as they do not worship Yeshua as God, they observe the Sabbath and view the tenets of the Limudah as their mitzvoth.

They do not adhere to the beliefs, creeds and practices of Rome, or any of its offshoots over the ages.

The Mshikhanim are not Messianic

While there has been a growing interest in Messianic Judaism and Hebraic Christendom among gentiles over recent decades, the Messianic movement is an aberration. It is not Torah Judaism, just another corrupt Christian sect. It is a non-structured admixture of kabbalism, mixed with different Christian views, such a Pentecostalism, as just one example. It is man-made and as such, the Mshikhanim are separate from this false sect.

The Mshikhanim look to the Netzarim (The Nazarene Essenes) as their elder brothers and sisters in Mshikha

The Mshikhanim have a clear understanding of their relationship to the Jewish followers of Mashikha. They do not fall into the trap of the Christians who sought to demonize Judaism and seek to promote replacement theology (a demonic doctrine promoted by those very far from Yeshua).

Nor, have they adopted the false doctrines of the reformers, which while correcting some errors of liturgical Christians added their own distortions (i.e. Reform Theology) and later with the continued corruptions of Pentecostalism and so on.

The Messianic movements have sought to reconnect with the Hebraic roots of the Messiah but have continued to hold onto the false beliefs of Christianity while including Ashkenazi (i.e. Kabbalist) doctrines.

At no point, have these many groups returned to the simple truths ordained by Mashikha and taught by Apostles to the earliest gentil communities.

When gentile communities seek to call themselves the new Israel, this means they have no idea what Israel is. it is yet another attempt to rob the rob Jewish people of their faith and culture.

If people appropriate the beliefs and culture of another people and reject the very covenant given by the Messiah…how can this be the sign of a devout Talmid?

The Mshikhanim:

*Observe the Shabbat,
*Fasting on Wednesdays to remember the sacrifice of Mashikha on the Cross and on Fridays for Erev Shabbat.
*Mshikhanim listen to Torah on Saturdays and To the Gospel on Sundays (The day Qurbana is observed).
*Mshikhanim observe the appointed feasts and fasts as given to them by their Leadership.

We hope you find our website informative and that for those who resonate with its teachings, they may find a spiritual home.